About the Mai Wah Trunk Site

This site is a companion to the Digging the Past footlocker, developed through a grant of the Montana Archaeological Society and circulated to educators via the Hands on History Footlocker program of the Montana Historical Society.

The Mai Wah Society has generously donated to this footlocker several genuine artifacts excavated during 2007 from a site occupied by Chinese residing in Butte, Montana, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Mai Wah Museum is the repository for hundreds more artifacts, many of which are on display, along with fine permanent and traveling exhibits.

Visit the museum in uptown Butte in the summer months. Come and join the noisemaking crowd at the annual Chinese New Year parade featuring 10,000 firecrackers and the Mai Wah’s splendid Chinese Dragon, a gift from the people of Taiwan. For more information about the Mai Wah Museum, click here.

The Digging the Past footlocker will be available for loan to educators beginning fall of 2010. To request this footlocker, please contact the Montana Historical Society directly (link in first paragraph above).

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