Lesson 3 – Digging the Past – Unbury it Carefully (computer lab)

Alice the Archaeologist

© Parks Canada Agency Web Content Team

© Parks Canada Agency Web Content Team

Turn speakers up and lights down. Get quiet, click on the web link below, and choose the icon shown above circled in red to view Alice the Archaologist on the job.


Return to this page after viewing the animation.

Dig Down, Dig Back

© Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)

Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC)

Forms that will be filled out during this interactive exercise are below.

© Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)

















© Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)

The four excavation sites are shown below circled in green, numbered 1 through 4. Each student will excavate ONE site. Once at the web site, we’ll go together to the hyperlink that says: “How to Dig,” (shown below circled in green) and read through the directions together. Then we’ll return to this page to explain the process for using tools.

© Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)

Go to the website below. Click on your browser’s Back button to return here.


Using the Tools

© Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)


Further Exploration

In the Two Rivers Excavation Game, you can join Alice the Archaeologist’s team. You will face the challenge of spending money and time in the hopes of achieving the best outcome for your dig. Good luck!


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