The Mai Wah Dig Artifact Identification Guide

The Identification Guide booklet contains photographs of many artifacts, most of which are Chinese. Some photos are from the Mai Wah site while some have been generously provided by others.

The guide has been reproduced below in a pdf  format for easier perusing online.

Identification Guide pdf

German Gulch

A few miles west of Butte’s Chinatown was another important Chinese settlement, German Gulch, which had been first mined by Euro-Americans. To the miners the remaining ore was not worth the backbreaking labor that would have been required to extract precious metals from it, so the Euro-American miners abandoned German Gulch. But for desperate immigrants, the mine ore was worth re-working, even though they lacked machinery. The community which stayed to provide goods and services to the Chinese miners in the gulch proved a rich source of artifacts many years later. Click on the image below to link to a website which includes pictures of wonderful artifacts that were recovered from the German Gulch area. Use the web site for researching and identifying Chinese artifacts.

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